Angling across Spain

It was amazing how fast things changed once we left the coast.  We had our own private roads winding through the countryside.  We were heading northwest, and this route took us through a range of the northern Spanish countryside.

An interesting sculpture at the entrance to the Aeroport de Castelló

Roman arch. At least the stones at the base are from Roman times.

Compact hilltop towns mean narrow, winding streets.

Narrow, winding street.

I don’t think we should drive this way.

Great views from the edge of town.

Overgrown villa in Montenejos

The road out of Montenejos.

The canyon upriver from Montenejos.

Quite a lot of water getting released from the dam.

The reservoir is still a bit high.

Old structures and older structures.

Shelter high in the mountains.

What happened to our sunshine?

Almost moonscape.

We are about to descend to the top of the Javalambre Ski Area

Far below the ski area.

This looks like an interesting road.

Red rocks and ponderosa pines. Almost feels like home.

Riding through Pinares de Rodeno

Pinares de Rodeno

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1 Response to Angling across Spain

  1. Elaine Grenon says:

    Tom and Laura. Thank you for giving us all a look at another amazing part of the world. Happy and safe travels. Great to hear you had a wonderful time at the races as well. Hugs from Elaine and Jim

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