The (East) Coast of Spain

After leaving Cadaques, we spent a few days in Roses, just a little down the coast.  We stumbled across the preparation for a car rally.  All the cars were still squeaky clean.  I particularly like the trophies.

Rally Cars!

Rally trophies. This would the Roses Rally, of course.

Sunset in Roses.

Tom couldn’t resist the photo op.

The Mediterranean coast of Spain seems to alternate between rocky sections, with tiny little villages and tiny little coves followed by long sandy beaches studded with seven story apartment blocks, casinos, and nightclubs.  Early May is still somewhat off season, so it’s easy to explore.

With a lot of motivation, one could walk this beach all the way to Roses, which is at the base of the hills in the distance.



Seaside villas

Looking towards Sant Feliu de Guíxols

We spent a night in Tossa de Mar and enjoyed exploring the castle and the old town.  I can only imagine what these Costa Brava towns are like in July and August, packed with people, but we are sure enjoying them in May.

Good thing there were no more motorcyclists staying at our hotel — we filled the moto parking!

The Castell de Tossa in Tossa de Mar

The view from the castle (Tossa de Mar)

Tossa de Mar

Walking the old town in Tossa de Mar

Moving on down the coast, we stopped for lunch in Casteldefels, just south of Barcelona.  Tom lived here in the mid-80s.  When we visited in 2008, we stayed the weekend in the same apartment building that he lived in.  This time, we just had a quick visit to see what had changed.  It’s still right on the beach!!

Denis Playa apartments, not much different from when Tom lived here in the mid-80s.

Looking down the beach in front of Denis Playa

We spent the night in Sitges, just a bit further south.  Sitges has quite the party reputation; we skipped the nightclubs but enjoyed walking the pedestrian streets.


Doesn’t look like Kansas to me!

Pedestrian street in Sitges

Evening in Sitges

Roman ruins in Tarragona

Exploring the Ebro River delta, a big rice growing region.

Heading in to the Parc Natural de la Serra d’Irta, looking back at Peniscola.

Torre Bedum in Parc Natural de la Serra d’Irta

We made it down the coast almost as far as Valencia, then turned inland to see a different side of Spain.  But that’s a topic for another post.

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4 Responses to The (East) Coast of Spain

  1. Don Mathes says:

    I was there! Fifty years ago!! Nothing much has changed….Don

  2. anneborrow59 says:

    Looks like you are enjoying some great weather…any 🏊? So…did you try some Spanish rice? Paella? Great adventures…thanks again for sharing!

  3. Brin & Jeanie says:

    We are enjoying your adventures and Tom’s great photos!

  4. Wayne Elston says:

    Such wonderful pics, as always! It
    looks amazing.

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