Cap de Creus

The Pyrenees drop into the Mediterranean Sea right at the border between France and Spain, making for a dramatic coastline with rocky headlands, twisty roads, and small towns.  We were happy to be out of the rain, even if the sun hadn’t quite come out.  We were aiming at Cadaques, Spain, where we had visited a few years ago.  Cadaques is the main town on the Cap de Creus peninsula, which is Spain’s easternmost point.  And within a few hours, the sun had started to appear.

Collioure, France

Old police boat in Port-Vendres, France.

Cebere — the southernmost town in France on the Mediterranean coast.

Not much use for the border post now.


Cadaques, Spain


Cadaques, Spain


The sun breaking through. Cadaques, Spain


Statue of Cadaques’s most famous resident, Salvador Dali.


Poking along Cap de Creus


Poking along Cap de Creus


Port Lligat


The road to the cape.


The easternmost point of Spain.


The road to the cape.


The remnants of a grilled sardine lunch.


Looking back on Cadaques.

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