Landing in France

We were originally planning to take a ferry from England to France via the island of Jersey, but the ferry timing was less than ideal, so we caught a different ferry and got to explore the very western part of Normandy, starting with our landing in Cherbourg.  We spent a little time in town taking care of the basics, getting some lunch, euros, maps, and wine (for later).  After studying our new, more detailed maps, we were off!

First stop, Utah Beach.

Heading for Utah Beach

Utah Beach Memorial

Utah Beach. Now mussel farms and a makeshift trotter track

Helping a stranded motorcyclist. We have no French, and he has no English, but we all speak moto. After some wrenching, we eliminated some possibilities but didn’t get him on the road. But his friends were on the way.

Mt St Michel in the distance

I’ve been curious about St Malo since reading Anthony Doerr’s book All the Light We Cannot See (and hearing him talk in Bend thanks to the fabulous Deschutes Library!).  We stayed within the walled city and wandered all over.  It is indeed charming, almost too much so, especially as we learned more of its history– that it was largely destroyed by the Allies in the Second World War and rebuilt over many years afterwards.  Still, a lovely place to spend a few days.  And a fascinating place to watch the tides, some of the biggest in the world.

Our home in St Malo for a couple of days.

The view through the city wall.  The tide is out!

The view along the wall. You can see the high tide line near the bottom of the stairs.

Strolling the old town, and finding the butter shop.

Looking back at the walled town.

Waiting for the tide to drop.

NINE minutes later. 40-foot tides fall fast!

From where, we’ll head south and see where that takes us.

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2 Responses to Landing in France

  1. anneborrow59 says:

    So ….did you go swimming?
    Amazing photos😊

    • lauraseaver says:

      I didn’t go swimming until it was warm enough to wear shorts and still be hot. That was yesterday. In Spain.

      Six weeks into the trip and five weeks behind on the blog!


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