Civilized Adventure?

Civilized Adventure….  Is such a thing possible?  If it’s civilized, is it really an adventure?

I certainly think so, because I think adventure is where you find it.  And what does civilized even mean?  Even though we often ride unpaved roads and sleep in a tent, we take every opportunity to explore the place we are visiting by enjoying good food and drink.  Adventures can be found near and far.

Anyway, we are heading off again, this time with fewer rough roads and tent nights expected.  To Europe!  The anchoring event of this trip is the Isle of Man TT — motorcycle races, for those who don’t know.  But that’s not until the end of May, so we have some exploring to do first.

The first step of this trip is to get us and our motorcycles to Vancouver via a few days visiting family in Victoria.  After enjoying some lovely spring weather in Bend, we eyed the weather forecast with increasing dismay.  Heavy rains and winds. Snow in the passes.  We’re smart enough to cheat!

Cheating. The best way to avoid 350 miles of crappy weather and heavy traffic.

Ready to load the first ferry of the trip.

Arriving in sunny Victoria.

Ferry #2 to Vancouver.

Every round of motorcycle shipping is different.  This time, the bikes are flying on the same plane as we are.  We dropped the bikes off the day before we flew and watched them get secured for flying.

Tom helping pack his bike.

Laura’s bike ready to fly.

The bikes ready for tomorrow’s flight.

Waiting on the tarmac next to the plane.

Tom’s bike loading.

Upon arrival at London Gatwick, we cleared customs and immigration, then went to the cargo terminal.  After reconnecting the batteries and loading our luggage, we were off, three hours after landing!  Easy peasy!

Ready to ride, just three hours after landing.


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6 Responses to Civilized Adventure?

  1. Jessica says:

    What airline ships bikes??!!

  2. Winchester Dermody says:

    Looking forward to following your travels once more!

  3. Bruce Forstall says:

    Looking forward to more great pictures and stories!

  4. Wayne Elston says:

    Wheeeeee!! That looked reeeeaaaalllly easy to do! Glad it went without any undue stress. Have fun, and post lotsa pics 🙂
    The Rev

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