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Wandering through France

We entered France with a very loose plan.  We were aiming for Corsica, actually, but that’s quite far, so we started our wandering just by heading south.  We picked the littlest roads we could find and wandered this way and … Continue reading

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We’re getting some questions about the logistics of shipping our bikes, so I’m just going to do a post about it.  Pretty pictures will resume in the next post. The tl:dr version is Motorcycle Express, $1085 for each bike, $625 … Continue reading

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Landing in France

We were originally planning to take a ferry from England to France via the island of Jersey, but the ferry timing was less than ideal, so we caught a different ferry and got to explore the very western part of … Continue reading

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Springtime in Dorset

We didn’t really think mid-April would be the best time for exploring England, so we were planning to head south straightaway.  But there lovely spring weather convinced us to spend a few days exploring just a bit of southeast England. … Continue reading

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Civilized Adventure?

Civilized Adventure….  Is such a thing possible?  If it’s civilized, is it really an adventure? I certainly think so, because I think adventure is where you find it.  And what does civilized even mean?  Even though we often ride unpaved … Continue reading

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