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To the north coast

We were headed for the north coast.  But first, another “shortcut” to avoid Medellin. Once our little detour was finished, we were on the main road, crowded with trucks and buses.  All over Colombia, there are lots of construction zones, … Continue reading

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Colombian wanderings

Since I’m running several weeks behind in updating the blog with stories and photos of our adventures, I thought I just post a teaser. Here’s a map of our route in Colombia. I’ll get to the story and photos as … Continue reading

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Near, but not into, Medellin

By all accounts, Medellin is a wonderful city.  But it is a city, and we were enjoying the countryside too much to fight with the traffic and chaos that comes with any big city.  So, we visited areas that are … Continue reading

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Coffee Country

Coffee and Colombia go together, so it seemed appropriate to spend some time in the Zona Cafetera. First, we spent a few days in Cali, taking care of motorcycle chores like oil changes and new front tires.  When we headed … Continue reading

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