Lake Titicaca

[Administrative note:  The blog is quite a ways behind.  Because we all know that the point of the blog is Tom’s wonderful pictures, updating the blog is fairly internet intensive.  With no internet, it’s obviously not an option.  But slow internet can make a job that normally takes 45 minutes to an hour expand to four or five times that.  So, I’m trying to keep things up-to-date, but it’s clearly not happening.  The blog posts are building up, and they will get posted eventually.]

It was a long, entertaining day from Cochabamba to Lake Titicaca.  We weren’t really in the mood to deal with another big, chaotic city — La Paz — and when we reached the edge of the sprawl, we were even less inspired.

The edge of the La Paz sprawl

So, we skipped it, only getting a taste of the energy and vitality by having to wiggle through the commerce that was occurring right on the “highway”.

Sunday market in the streets

Instead, we opted for a quiet night at a resort.  Parking was very secure!

Our first closeup of Lake Titicaca.

Leaving secure parking in the morning.

From there, it was a short day to Copacabana, a very tourist friendly town right on the lake.  We did some exploring around and also just relaxed, acclimatizing to the elevation.

Boarding the ferry on the way to Copacabana.

Loading the ferry.

Views on the road to Copacabana.

Side trip just to see where the road goes.

Panorama arriving to Copacabana.

The atrium of the Copacabana cathedral

Waiting for high season at the Copacabana beach.

Adapting to high altitude is hard work.

Exploring near Copacabana

Old Inca road. Now apparently used for logging.

After a few days in Copacabana, we left Bolivia and headed around the lake to Puno, Peru.  It was a quick visit there, but Tom had a fun time exploring an old steamship, the Yavari.  It and a sister ship were built in England, shipped to Peru, were disassembled and hauled to Lake Titicaca in pieces by mules.  It was reconstructed and first sailed Lake Titicaca Christmas Day, 1870.  The Yavari still sails Lake Titicaca but no longer in any official capacity.

The Yavari

Yavari engine detail

Yavari wheel house

Our last look at Lake Titicaca over Puno


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